Live it, on Quebrada del Ají!

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Space and security


Surrounded by nature



Espacios comunes

Elegance and comfort

Elegantes salones


Despacho de suite

Great atmosphere

Piano en salon blanco

Beautiful gardens


Bungalows for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people
Satellite TV Private and shared pool
Private bathroom Barbecue grills
Heating system Individual parking lot
Barbecue area Fully equiped kitchen
Clay oven
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Our vision
To Preserve the environment (with his native wildlife)
Live surrounded by the nature

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Live it on Quebrada del Ají!  This was the only way to the coast during the colonial period, which has led us to preserve this historic site to give value to saying: “Aquí y en la Quebrada del Ají”. Originally inhabited by the Incas who cultivated pepper to be sent to Peru.
Charles Darwin mentioned it as a wonderful place for its flora, fauna and microclimate.
I invite you to visit and preserve it, as we do.


• One place full of history, where have inhabited the cultures Aconcagua, Llolleo and Bato.


Mariana Silva.

Fundo El Grillo owner

Exclusive at Fundo El Grillo

Wonderful Trekking routes

Easter Island pineapples farming

Fundo El Grillo has beautiful paths completely suitable for hiking, with courses spanning from Quebrada del Aji to Alto del Francés and Chile Cauquén hills, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the coast from Valparaiso to Zapallar.

10 years ago the owner of Fundo El Grillo had the opportunity to travel to Easter Island, where she fell in love with the pineapples of the place and, as permitted by applicable law, brought 5 pineapples and managed to multiply to a plantation which today has over 300 pineapple plants, which produce the fruit with the same flavor as their place of origin, Easter Island.

New on Fundo El Grillo

We now have fun playground for the little ones, always in the pleasant rural location of Fundo El Grillo.

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