Discover the experience of staying at our farm ...

Discover the experience of staying at our farm ...

This was the only way to the coast during colonial times, which has led us to preserve this historic place to give value to the saying: "Here and in Quebrada del Ají". Originally inhabited by the Incas who grew chili peppers, to be sent to Peru.

Charles Darwin mentions it as a wonderful place for its flora, fauna and microclimate. I invite you to visit it and to preserve it, as we have done.

Our services

Capacity for 2-10 people

Private parking

Private bathroom (towels not included)

Satellite TV

Fully equipped kitchen

Educational Farm, Multipurpose sport court, Hiking trails

Shared and Private Pools

Grills, Clay Ovens, Barbecue areas


Playgrounds, Ping Pong Table, Hopscotch, Frog

Summer Camps, Camping

Sale of organic Fruits, Honey and Olive Oil

Halls for: Events, school trips, groups gatherings, trainings, weddings, summer camps, retreats and other occasions

Video gallery

  • Appearance in the TV show "Unnlimited flavors" on channel 13c

    Join Álvaro Lois on his visit to Fundo El Grillo, where he had the pleasure of tasting the crops we have and even preparing a delicious dish with them.
    YouTube channel: Verso Más

  • Documentary "The Last Secrets of the Native Forest"

    Do you want to know more about the fascinating flora and fauna of Fundo El Grillo? We invite you to see this beautiful documentary about the "ever-living forest", the interesting type of forest that you'll find in our Farm.
    YouTube channel: Fantasmas del bosque nativo - Jacobita creaciones

  • "Tu ojo viajero" at Fundo El Grillo and Boston Hotel

    Get to know a little more about Fundo El Grillo and the Hotel Boston in this entertaining report from "Your traveling eye".
    Youtube channel: Tu ojo viajero

  • Appearance in the TV show
  • Documentary


At Fundo El grillo we invite you to take time to relax and connect with nature, enjoying our extensive green areas. Get to know them and fall in love with the beautiful landscapes that you will find here.